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We understand, quality is not mere adherence to a set of standards & norms, rather a proactive endeavour leading to overall improvement of the organization. We implement quality mechanisms that extend across all the fields that determine us, from product designing to development, testing, bulk manufacturing and packaging.

We are equipped with new generation technologies that enable us to generate value for our customers through our product solutions and services. All our products pass stringent quality mechanisms & testing procedures. Certain parameters on which quality of the cork are tested are:

Sensory Test:

Randomly sampled corks from each batch of production are tested by immersing them in a 500ml container of neutral dry white wine for 24 hours, then checked organoleptically for changes in sensory character when compared to a control wine. If TCA (Trichloroanisole) taint is suspected, an immersion test will be made from six corks from every bale. Any bale with TCA taint will be rejected.

Visual Quality:

Individual corks are classified into predetermined categories depending on the physical qualities agreed on with the producer.


A cork moisture instrument is used to measure the moisture content of the cork. Cork shipments generally are received with a moisture level below 8% average, with a tolerance per AQL 4.0. If average moisture level is above 8% but below 10.5%, the corks are to be placed in a drying area which is physically separate from the storage area for accepted corks.


Cork dimensions are checked on a sample size approved. Furthermore, the product size also conforms with the set standards

Residual Oxidants

One cork from each bale taken & is tested using a qualitative analysis involving the reaction of potassium iodide with residual oxidants in the presence of a starch indicator. A change in the test solution from clear to blue/violet color is a positive result.

Our streamlined quality mechanisms ensure that all products delivered conform to the international quality & safety standards. It is also ensured that they meet the desired specifications as mentioned y the client.

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