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Floor Corking Machine

Iris jaw floor corkers, while more expensive, use simple levers and mechanical advantage to carefully compress the corks and insert them precisely into the bottles. Also, they hold the bottles steady in a spring-loaded base. They are really worth the extra money.

Inserts corks with little effort. All steel construction is adjustable to any bottle size and provides lifetime service. Easy, one screw assembly sets up in minutes. Spring loaded pedestal holds bottle in place while special crimping jaws squeeze corks down to the size of a pencil. Insertion depth is easily adjusted. The floor corker is a precision designed, well constructed corking machine, and with proper care and maintenance will last for many thousands of bottles.

Floor Corking Machine: This floor model compresses the corks with plastic compression fittings. Body is of sturdy metal construction with a plastic hand grip. The bottle platform has a spring-adjustment that locks into place when the corking arm is lowered. Plunger depth is easily adjustable, and the plastic iris cork compressor makes corking a breeze.
Advance Cork Advance Cork Advance Cork
Advance Cork Automatic Corking Machine Advance Cork
Advance Cork Advance Cork Automatic Corking Machine
Advance Cork International

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