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Cork Mosaic Installation

Installation of the Advance Cork mosaic is similar to ceramic or mosaic tile installation. It can be installed by using the glue then grout method. The existing substrate should be clean, including complete removal of old adhesives, dirt, debris, and any other contaminant that may negatively impact the bonding of the Cork. It is recommended that the installation be done by trained professionals.

SUBFLOOR: Can be installed on different surfaces including concrete, tile backers, or plywood. Concrete must be fully cured and smooth. Surface may need to be etched for enabling a solid bond between the adhesive and cork. Plywood needs minimal flex, no less than 1” thick over joists spaced a maximum of 16” on center
Installation process:
Dry Lay – Lay Advance Cork sheets on subfloor where they will be affixed. Make your appropriate cuts and get everything prior to applying adhesive.
Remove Advance Cork sheets from subfloor and spread evenly a flexible ceramic thin set mortar (or water-based contact cement, if not in a shower) on the prepared substrate according to manufacturer’s specified instructions.

Advance Cork International
Carefully place Advance Cork sheets on to adhesive while applying even pressure for ensuring that the sheet is on the same level and also forms a solid bond with the adhesive. Make sure each cork disc is firmly embedded in adhesive, paying strict attention to working with the “open time” of the adhesive used. Allow adhesive to fully dry, as not allowing time for adhesive to dry can trap moisture beneath cork can create adhesion / rotting problems.
Remove Plastic film from the top of the discs. Staining – OPTIONAL (if not staining, skip to step 5): To stain Advance Cork you must first start with “unfinished” discs, by purchasing unfinished product. Apply a water-based wood stain s per manufacturers’ specs, followed by at least 2 coats of water-based polyurethane.
Advance Cork International
Apply a urethane or silicone enhanced sanded grout with a rubber trowel, making certain that all joints are filled. Improper application of grout might affect the installation, so ample care should be taken. If standard grout is not mixed properly can cause gapping between cork and grout. The finished joints should be uniformly smooth, without any voids or low spots. Remove the grout off the top of the cork within 10 minutes to prevent the grout from drying on top of the cork. A commercial tile sponge, first abrading the surface with rough side of sponge and cleaning off grout with smooth side of sponge tends to work well.
Advance Cork International
Allow the grout to cure completely (curing time could take 3-4 days). If installing in a residence, the installation is complete at this point. If you are installing in a Wet Application(residential or commercial) or heavy Commercial Applications, finish the installation by evenly applying 2 to 3 additional “thin” coats of water-based polyurethane to seal the floor together (2-3 thin coats is better than 1-2 thick coats). We recommend a 2-component wood sealer/finish. 2-component finishes are more durable than single component ones and will last longer in between finishes .

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Cork Wall Tiles

Composition Cork is made of cork granules, which have been, joined together using different synthetic or natural binding agent. One of the most widely used agglomerated cork product viz. cork sheets is available in different grades, textures, bondings, densities and even colour. The standard size of cork sheet is 3' x 2' and thickness ranges from 0.8mm to 10mm (and slabs up to 125mm). At Advance Cork International we also supply Cork sheet in roll forms from 0.8mm to 6mm thickness and width of 610mm or 915mm and even 1 metre.

Uses of cork sheet :

Cork Wall Tiles

Cork Wall Tiles

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