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Granulated Cork

Cork Granules results from the braking and milling of cork waste originated from natural cork stopper manufacturing. Granulated Cork is manufactured in our sophisticated plant ensuring that the exact grain size and density of granules is obtained. This ensures that the end use of the granulated cork to our customers, will give the desired results at all times.

Granulated cork powder finds usage in manufacture of Composition Cork, Rubber Cork, as well as used independently for Insulation in cold storage plants, insulation for buildings ensconced between concrete walls etc. It is widely used as a frictional material in brake shoes and molded clutch plates for the automotive industry.

We produce granulated cork with various grain sizes and densities. Our standard production includes grain sizes ranging from 0.2 mm to 8 mm, with densities between 45 and 120 Kgs/m3. The most common grain sizes and densities are listed in the following table:

Grain sizes Densities (Kgs/m3)
0.2-0.5 mm <55;<70
0.5-1.0 mm <55;<80;<120
1.0-2.0 mm <55;<80;<120
2.0-4.0 mm <65;<120
3.0-7.0 mm <65
4.0-6.0 mm <65
5.0-8.0 mm <65

Cork Granule

Cork Granule
Size = 4-8mm
Advance Cork International

Broken Corks With Borks
Size = 2-3mm
Advance Cork International

Corks Granule Powder Suppliers
Size = 0.5-1.0mm
Advance Cork International
  • Granulated Cork Is mostly used in the following :
  • Manufacturing of composition cork sheet
  • Manufacturing of rubber cork sheet
  • Insulation cork blocks
  • It is widely used as a frictional material in brake shoes and molded clutch plates for the automotive industry
  • Insulation for buildings ensconced between concrete walls
  • Shoe Soles
  • Cork Flooring
  • In manufacturing of cricket ball and etc.

Cork Powder
Cork Powder is in fine mesh. It is mostly used in the batteries and other rubber molding products.
Cork Powder

Advance Cork International

Broken Cork

It results from the waste of cooked cork originated on the preparation of cork and the manufacturing of natural cork stoppers. You can also call it natural cork stopper waste. This is a basic raw material for cork granules and cork dust powder.

Broken Cork is of two forms
  1. Broken Cork Without Bark / Clean Cork Waste
  2. Broken Cork With Bark
Broken Cork

Advance Cork International

Rejected Cork

Advance Cork International

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