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IndiaMART TrustSealEstablished in 2001 Advance Cork International is one amongst the largest manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of cork products to the wine and liquor industries, cosmetic companies, specialty food companies, glass companies, chemical industry and the fishing tackle industry. We offer an extensive inventory, prompt shipment & on-time delivery. For anything and everything in cork & cork products.

Our products are made of the finest quality cork and we provide customized solutions for different industrial usages. We have always managed to provide any amount of quantity required by our customers without compromising on the quality aspect because of our efficient manufacturing and supply systems.

Our pricing structure, premium quality products, consistently reliable services and ethical business propositions have helped us to establish a strong rapport of trust in the marketplace along with wide client base.

Products Profile

We manufacture customized cork rods for many industries. For example, we have developed premium gift items for many of the major companies. We offer special cork stoppers for the cosmetic, specialty foods and giftware market.

There has been a lot of hard work and research from our end on developing cork rods for wine and conical cork stopper. We produce cork stopper in any sizes as per customer's requirement. We provide conical cork rods in all RL international sizes from size No. 0000 to size No. 24 in both qualities natural and agglomerated.

We are also working with the automotive industry and engine parts (gaskets, carburetor and level gauge floats), specialty components (for musical instruments, batteries, sporting goods and shoe trades), industrial goods as well as numerous products for the stationery and home improvement markets.

Our product range include tapered cork stopper, agglomerated cork blocks, wine cork stopper, agglomerated cork rods, composition cork sheets, agglomerated cork waste, wine bottle capsules and granulated cork. Our products are not only supplied in India but are also exported to many countries which include Europe, Philippines, South Africa, Taiwan and Thailand.

Our Quality & Efficiency

Quality assurance has been our first priority ever since we started functioning. We use only the best quality raw material procured from reliable suppliers. Our company has established close working relationships with premier cork factories and we also import endless varieties of cork products.

There are stringent quality checks while manufacturing as well. Each step is carefully checked for any irregularities. Final finish of cork products for any product is inspected for desired color and other requirements.

The floor corking machine we offer are built using latest technology and are precisely engineered to provide speedy, flawless and cost effective output. We also provide our customers with technical assistance regarding the working and maintenance of machinery. Quick and effective after sales support are provided in case of any problem with the working of machines.

Technological Advancements

We use technologically latest equipment and machinery for production. There is regular investment in technical upgradation to come out with products that are of the best quality. Latest Machinery ensures best cutting, shaping and finishing of the products.

We invite experts from abroad to suggest the changes in the already available facilities and implementation of new machinery.

Environmentally Friendly

As an environmentally aware and sensitive company we recognize the limited availability of this natural resource. We realize the uniqueness of cork oak tree and the fact that it will always be a limited resource. So we have to treat this natural resource with care, respect, and understanding so that it remains to a renewable resource.

We are dedicated to the cause of protecting the eternal continuity of the cork oak tree while we respond to the growing demands of the modern cork market.

Advance Cork
Our Product Range
Tapered Cork Stopper  |  Wine Cork Stopper & Champagne Cork  |  3D CORK-WALL COVERINGS  |  Cork Mosaic Floorings
CORK INSULATION PANELS  |  GRANULATED CORK   |  Composition Cork Sheets  |  Wine Bottle Capsules
Floor Corking Machine  |  Specialty Cork Products
Advance Cork
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